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This page contains links to all the teaching from the last six weeks in order of date delivered.

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Sermon Title Series Speaker Date
Remembrance Sunday (John 15:13 & Romans 5:8) Miscellaneous J Keefe 11 Nov 18
New King, New Order, When the Spirit Comes (Isaiah 31:6-32:20) Isaiah: God Delivers J Keefe 04 Nov 18
Adoption Sunday (Romans 8:14-18) Prayer J Keefe 28 Oct 18
Faithful Father To Unfaithful Children (Isaiah 30-31:5) Isaiah: God Delivers J Keefe 21 Oct 18
Signing Our Contract With God (Exodus 19:5-6 & 24:1-18) Miscellaneous K Saunders 14 Oct 18
God Will Not Be Set Aside (Isaiah 29) Isaiah: God Delivers J Keefe 07 Oct 18